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Volleyball East Tournament Information

Volleyball East tournaments are sanctioned under AAU (Amateur Athletic Union). 
For information about AAU or to register a player or club under AAU, you can go to
For specific volleyball information and events, go to

Tournament Information:
Start Times will vary based on location and the number of teams in the event, usually 8:30am or 9:00am.  However, doors only open 30-45 minutes before the event is scheduled to start.  Do not expect to get in earlier than scheduled even with cold weather.  Plan accordingly.

Tournament Locations vary on event, all addresses are posted with each tournament link and on each schedule.  Please make sure you know where you are going before the day of the event.  Everyone must be considerate of parking; the larger the event, the less parking available.

Schedules will be posted the Wednesday evening before each weekend's tournaments.  There may be changes made to the schedule so check the schedule online before the tournament.

COACHES: Coaches need to provide their own first aid kits at tournaments.  The tournament sites are not expected to provide first aid items for pre-existing injuries.  This includes athletic tape, prewrap, instant ice packs, bandaids, antiseptic, etc.  Ice will be available from food stands.


AAU does follow the rules of USA Volleyball with a few differences.  Libero Jerseys need to be a contrasting color and design of the team jersey,  That means the jersey needs to be contrasting and different color(s) to the team jersey. (Similar color tones are not contrasting, ex. black/maroon/navy/forest green or light pink/white/yellow.)  If you have questions about jerseys or libero rules, please look at the following link. 
AAU doesn't allow 0 or 00.  According to the link below, from the policies listed online, numbers must be 1-99.
AAU Jersey/Libero Rules

Tournament Paperwork:
AAU Scoresheets, Libero Sheets, Lineup Sheets can be found at this link: 
AAU Scorekeeping Paperwork

Scoresheet How To (will be at tournaments to follow)

Work Team Protocols (will be posted at tournaments)

Scorekeepers are required to fill out the paperwork properly.  If you do not understand the official scoresheet, asked the site director at check in to explain the format to you, or ask the referee.  The teams playing need to be listed fully in the header as well as age group, match number, and court number.  Do not leave the table until the final scores have been recorded and verified by the first referee. Cell phones are not allowed at the work table and only the people working should be at the table.
(Too many tournament have incomplete paperwork causing problems with the standings.)

General Tournament Rules:
1.  Limit you camp out area to only neccessary items for a tournament and keep your area tightly together.  Teams are starting to take up too much space in hallways and lobbying and blocking walking areas for others. 
2.  When locations are having a food stand as a fundraiser for a program, please suppose them.  There is a lot of time and set up involved in hosting tournaments and we need to respect the facilities and programs running these events.  (I do not want to ban coolers from events.)
3.  Teams are required to clean up before they leave.  More teams than not are leaving the tournaments and not picking up the trash from their campout areas.  Whether it is "yours" specifically or not, the team is expected to leave the area the way they found it.  Custodians are not your personal clean up crew.
4.  Respect for the site director, players, and parents is extremely important.  I shouldn't need to list this but I do: No yelling at players, other parents, other teams, or the referees because you don't like a call or you think something has not been done properly.  This definitely includes yelling at scorekeepers or linesmen during or after a game.  Adults do not have the right to yell at kids at any time. 
Site Directors and Referees have it within their rights to remove any coach or parents behaving poorly in any facility, especially if the language is not appropriate. 


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